Wednesday, January 1, 2014



This was a tourist area that looked like the old beach areas we once had in the States.  I tried to convince Elizabeth to go on the Ferris Wheel with me, but she was intimidated.  For some reason I was unable to go on by myself. 
I'm sorry about that.  It was a fine wheel.

Close to the beach area we went in an Irish Pub.  It sure seems incongruent.  It was clearly a real Irish Pub.  We walked through to use the bathroom and no one objected.
The Irish Pub O'Neil's is in the bottom left hand corner of this photo.
Here is the beach
In the harbor were many small boats moored.
This was a sand sculpture that had been a couch and this side table, but someone had ruined the couch part.  Look at this little telephone.  Cool.

Our friends Mary and Neil loved this little town and encouraged us to visit. 

Nearby the guide dropped me so that I managed a walk through the casino.  There were machines I recognized and some video poker pay tables that were not too bad.  9/5  JOB and 9/6 DDB.  Had I had more time, I'd have gambled a bit, but Elizabeth and the driver waited for me outside.  No live poker tables, but some table games on a floor I did not see.


  1. That is a cool phone! Old school. Not many of those left.

  2. Anonymous10:09

    Hey Dew
    1st time commenting ---loved the portugal blog, remembered many of these places
    raposo (from the restaurant) was my grandmother's last name!!
    did you see (buca do inferno ?? the mouth of hell in cascais by any chance)

    1. No, we missed buca do inferno. Guess we will have to go back. Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed seeing Portugal. Maybe next time we'll see the Azores.


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