Thursday, January 9, 2014


Ignore the blog dates of posting.  These have nothing to do with the actual dates of the experience.  I did try to post the trip in real order, rather than in that backwards order that blogs use as default.

IMPORTANT!!  You cannot load this entire blog on one page.  When you reach the end of what first loaded, look in the bottom right hand corner for the words "older posts"  Just click them and you will get the next page of our journey.  You may have to do this seven or eight times to see the entire blog.
The actual narrative of the journey is over when you see a colorful post with THE END repeated about a dozen times.
After that there are a few posts I made before the trip began that were background reading for us to prepare for the trip and cut outs, notes and odd bits of unused stuff is posted months back.  Don't read anything that has a date before December 2013.
There are separate posts for separate days and, in some cases, separate experiences.  This allows me (or you) to bring up a single post and develop a link to just that one post.

With Elizabeth helping, I tried really hard to keep everything in order.  However, there may be some river shots that appear in days they were not experienced and there may be things remembered out of order.  Sorry.
Use any photos of mine that you like, but just include a link to the blog below the shot if you repost somewhere.  Photos in places that require permission for posting are included in link form only, so in some cases clicking on a link will give you a photo of something I saw but did not photograph.

I had a hard time deciding whether to post the photos as "large" or "extra large"  It really depends on how a reader sets up the text for reading.  If you have to scroll too much and can't see the whole photo without scrolling, set the blog on a large text setting and then use the shift minus function to reduce it again and the photos should come out right.  If they are too small, remember you can change that as you view to see a detail you might have missed.

I like comments.  There is a place for comments at the END OF EVERY POST. They are moderated, so it may take a day or so to see them appear. 
I don't like spam.  I don't use my blogs for advertisement.  If your comment includes a link to some endeavor you would like to promote, especially if I don't know you, I won't post it.  However, I like strangers comments as well as those from people I know.

I like to be corrected as well.  I may have misremembered or I may be off base on some details or facts.  If you were on the cruise or know Portugal, point out my errors.

This is an openly public blog and I hope to keep it that way.  I had difficulties that forced me to make Pokerbluegill private and as a result I only have about a dozen people who can access that right now.  That was not my intention.  I had only a dozen unknown spamers that I wanted to shut out.  If you are missing Pkerbluegill, just send me an email or Facebook request, and I'll send you an invitation if I know you.

Realize, however, that both in Pokerbluegill and here in this blog, and in others I have written, the first agenda is to use it as a place to do what our minds and memories will no long due, record and keep an experience in as much detail as possible.  Since it is composed with Elizabeth and Dewey as the primary intended audience, it is more detailed than most readers want, so using skim reading skills is mandatory.

Okay, enjoy.

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